Loving You

My intelligence, my creativity, the way in which I saw the world did not matter, and so my emotions and the confidence I possessed as a little boy became stunted. My value was no longer defined by how I saw myself, but by how others saw me and even that was not good enough because I was constantly feeling as though I always came up short in the eyes of others. Read More...



If you’re single, unhappily matched or just bitter by nature, Valentines Day can be a nauseating event. As the stores start to fill with topical merchandise presented in a stunning array of horrible pink and red tones, even the most romantic among us can easily become fed up. What’s a bitter heart to do? Why not put some of that angry energy to work and follow this unique, 7 days of anti-Valentines to get you through those tough days prior to the big day. Read More...

A Mother's Heart


On November 15th, 2014 I gave birth to an amazing little girl. She was a 6 pound 11 ounce miracle, the salvation of a broken-hearted family in desperate need of a fresh start. In honor of the circumstances in which God blessed us with her, we decided to call her Makenna—born of fire. Read More...

The Ultimate Fantasy: Love at First Sight

I hear people talk about missing the excitement of a new relationship all the time. It has become so easy for people to walk away from their relationships that I have actually witnessed this as a cause, and I’m not even talking about a relationship of a few months. I have seen the regrets that come of this, someone that believed that all would be better if the redundancy of sweatpants and t-shirts could be swept to the side by someone new. No matter the rush someone feels from that first spark, at the end of the day, it’s the feeling of home that people really need. Read More...

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Moving On and Learning to Love


I see him now and he is just a man who reminds me of wasted time and permanent damage. The love has finally left, being replaced by anger and disappointment. As each day passes, I can feel the anger and disappointment slowly turning to indifference. For some reason, this scares me. Can I really let go of that emotion and still consider myself a loyal person who is capable of loving one person for the rest of my life? Even as the words fly onto the page, I realize the ridiculousness of my statement. This man lied, cheated, manipulated, deceived and tormented me in every way possible, yet I feel guilt for walking away, like I am somehow less of a person because I no longer wanted to just survive, I wanted to live. Read More...